Beginner Friendly Fibers

Set your customers up for success!

While all of our fibers are beautifully prepared and make wonderful yarns, some are easier to spin than others.  Beginners need a lofty prep that won't lock up easily when too much twist gets into the fiber supply.  Folks also tend to be more price-sensitive when they're just starting out.  Stock your shelves with fibers that meet these needs.

  • A carded prep is more forgiving of twist in the fiber supply.  We love our carded Coopworth wool for beginners, and it comes in four natural shades for variety.
  • Lofty fibers that aren't too expensive give a beginner plenty of wool to practice on without breaking the bank.  Hogg top is light, airy, and only $15/8oz retail.
  • Everybody loves color.  Our Northern Lights top is a little pricier than the other fibers on this list, but the vibrant colorways have inspired more than one person to learn to spin!