Why You Want to be Our Customer

Dashing Mouse wants to help our customers succeed in every way that we can.  In addition to providing excellent customer service, we've come up with a few things that set us apart from other vendors.  We hope that you recognize the power of these tools and use them to your advantage.

  • Commitment to Quality:  Yes everyone loves a low price, but consistent value is what drives repeat business.  We work with mills around the world to bring you the highest-quality fibers at competitive prices.  Your customers trust you to make good recommendations, and we make this easy for you!
  • Staff Education:  Lets face it, even though you may use yarn by the pound, you might not have a background in hand-spinning.  That's why we offer periodic webinars to help educate you and your staff about fibers and how to sell them.  We believe that lifelong education and growth are crucial!
  • Low Cost Drop Shipping:  We want you to think of our entire inventory as your back room.  If you don't have something in stock, we can ship it right to your customer's door with a customized packing slip as if it came from you.  This service is particularly handy for stores in rural areas where your customers might be driving long distances to visit.  Drop shipping gives you instant access to our entire inventory without having to pay for it up front!
  • Annual Analysis:  We have a strong understanding of data analytics, efficiency, and forecasting.  Fortune 500 companies use these techniques all the time, but we've learned to adapt them for small business.  We would like to offer you an annual consultation that gives you insights based on industry trends, your order history, and geography.
  • We Take Requests:  We want to carry what you want to sell!  If you have any ideas or requests, please tell us what you're looking for, and we will do the legwork to figure out what it would take to fill that need.  We can't promise that it will always work out, but we do promise to always do our best and to communicate throughout the process.

If you would like to ask further questions or open an account, please contact us!