Spinzilla is Just Around the Corner!

Whether you're hosting a Spinzilla team or not, you can help your customers stock their stash for the big event!  Spinzilla 2017 runs 2-8 October, and sign ups open 1 September, so be sure to remind your spinners to find a team and make a plan.
For this month's pack, we asked Abby Franquemont of Abby's Yarns to pick the fiber.  We thought we'd let her tell you about the conversation that inspired this collaboration!

David and Sasha asked me if I had Spinzilla plans this year. "I've been thinking about it," I said, "and you know, I was thinking a big single batch, like for a sweater. This is the first year in a while where I actually think I've got the time to make a good showing." We all laughed (but it's true).  

Sasha asked if I had a pattern in mind. "Not yet," I said. "But I'm gonna have to stock up and get ready to spin, so I should really just place an order now. I'm going to want to have the fiber on hand and ready to go."

"No sweat," said David, and I placed my order. "But wait," he said, "if you aren't sure what project you're going to do yet, how do you know how much you need?"

"Oh, that's easy," I told him. "Four pounds. Whatever it is, I'm gonna need about four pounds." 

We all laughed -- after all, for years I've said if you have four pounds, you've probably got enough to do most projects. 

Four pounds of what? Well, I wanted to use a fiber that I use a lot in classes, a fiber I've spun by volume for ages and ages, a fiber I know I'll get a kick out of handing out to my students and saying, and this is what's in this sweater. That made the Coopworth a no-brainer. 

And worst case, if I spin it up too fast, I know where I can get more real fast!
September Pack - Coopworth!

So there you have it - September's pack is four pounds of Coopworth.  Please note that this will come as four pounds all in one large bag, not eight half pound retail bags.

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