We've Got Gotland!

In addition to the now-restocked Gotland top that so many of you asked for, we are happy to announce an exciting new Gotland bundle.  Gotlands are descended from sheep kept by Vikings, but they have no horns.  That's why our cartoon Gotland sheep wears her horns on her hat instead!

DMFibers worked closely in conjunction with the wonderful people at Kraemer Textiles to process a large batch of Gotland fleece.  If you are unfamiliar with Kraemer Textiles, they are a mill in Nazareth, Pennsylvania that has been creating beautiful yarns for more than 100 years.  We sent them scoured Gotland from New Zealand, and they carded most of it into sliver.  Then they took about half of the sliver and combed it into top to further align the fibers and encourage short pieces to drop out.  This top has not been compressed and steamed, so it more open than much of the typical commercial top we carry.

We are bundling this fiber into kits with 4oz of the scoured fleece, 4oz of the sliver, and 4oz of the top.  This kit contains so many learning opportunities!  Use it to explore how different preps create different yarns.  Prep the scoured fleece by hand and compare it with the mill prep to better understand the pros and cons of each approach.  Do some research on Gotland sheep and make it a breed study.  No matter how you market it, your customers are sure to be excited to try this unique offering!

For the time being, this special batch of Gotland is only available in kits.

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